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Instant Portraits: TRACY TSUI

Tracy dropped by the other day hoping to borrow a video game (Heavy Rain) from me, obviously I couldn't locate that said video game, so instead she got some portraits done up! She told me she also had something cool to show me... A new gizmo I would probably love because it involved one of my favourite mediums 'instant film' mixed with the technologies of today, to make some super techy-hipster gizmo!

It's called the Instant Lab and basically this simple diagram will explain what it does:

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.26.54 PM.png

I heard about this before and I thought it was kind of weird and contradicting to the whole 'in the moment' kind of thing Polaroids were so well known for...


Basically it takes your photo you took on your iPhone and exposes on the film... Giving you a lot of control over the moments you want to transcribe on to this nostalgic film.

I was a skeptic. But then when Tracy let me try it out, I was converted... It may not be the same but it still carries that excitement of capturing a moment on something physical you can hold. And besides that, it alleviates a lot of frustration of lost moments due to the finicky nature of these films + cameras. 

Here is a shot of me that was on my iPhone and now lives on my wall!


It's definitely something new and makes me want to go through all my old photos just so I can turn them into 'Polaroids' and put them on the wall. The best way to describe it is like when you go through your old photos on your phone and then put it through a filter and on Instagram...


SO since Tracy was over anyways, I made some tea and I got to take some portraits of the always energetic and awesome Tracy Tsui.


I've known Tracy for a while now, WAY BACK since first year at Emily Carr and although we don't see each other as often. It is always such a pleasure to catch up. 

We've been in the trenches together through 3 years of design school and all its ridiculousness (now that i look back). From clueless students to clueless 'Designers' now.

Out of all the people I know Tracy is someone that almost always surprises me every time I catch up with her. Designing kids apps, being a hardcore yogi, learning pottery, baking and cooking... the list goes on. She is always doing something new and just moving through life on what seems to be an uncharted course to awesomeness. 

If I were to sum up Tracy she is someone that reminds me that it's never too late to start something new and then dump that to start something new all over again. 

Well I hope you enjoy this little segment of Instant Portraits. Till next time! Thanks again Tracy for dropping by :)

OH and if you're reading this on Nov 21st. Send her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ;)