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Film and Good Company: Sylvia

Right now I am sitting in my room in shorts and a tee, window wide open and sipping on a nice cold lemonade. It is mid July and we are getting our best streak of hot sunny days of 2014... 

Rewind 5 months back and I remember sitting in my room in a sweater, sipping hot tea and looking outside my window to the view of snow. It was a beautiful moment and I had the chance to go out and snap a few pics with Sylvia. 

It was cold, the snow was wet and we couldn't use our cameras with gloves. I snapped a few pics and we called it in early because it was snowing like crazy and we got too cold to hold our camera's steady enough to focus.

Fast forward to now and I finally finished shooting that roll of film and even got it developed! It's already a kind of surreal feeling to look at old pictures you almost forgot about... It's an even weirder feeling looking at pictures of snow, when it's 20+ degrees outside. 

Either way, I think it is worth sharing and I think it really turned out well! Let's travel back to a colder time!






Remember when it snowed a lot and then melted away the next day?

If summer is lively and colourful. Winter is calm and peaceful.