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Caudabē Veil XT for iPhone 6

I was never a big fan of putting on a case for my iPhone. I've had the iPhone 4, 5 and now the 6. My whole experience with Apple products was to enjoy it the way they were designed and that meant living on the edge with no protection.

However there are times I want to protect the phone from minor things like scratches when i place it on a table and just adding a bit more grip to a super slippery aluminum phone. 

I've tried a few cases with my 6. Including Apple's own leather and silicone cases and some plastic ones from Spigen. All these are okay cases but present the same problem of adding way too much bulk.

Enter the Caudabē Veil XT

Unlike other similarly thin cases I have used before. The veil has the bottom covered as well. Many other cases I have used had the bottom cut out which I think made the case lose it's shape after long use. This definitely makes the case feel more structurally sound.

I am impressed with the precise cut outs for all the ports at the bottom of the phone. The thinness of this case causes no problems for plugging in headphones and charger cables.

This is probably my favourite part of the case. There is a slight raise in the plastic cutout area around the camera and flash. This raises the plastic just enough to protect that strange iPhone camera bump. Now when placing the phone down on a table, you can rest assured that your camera is not touching the table. A small detail like this goes a long way.

You can see here that there is still a faint line from the manufacturing process. Not a big deal, but it is visible. 

The frosted clear version of this case is my favourite and pairs very nicely with white/silver iPhones. Grip is minimal but it is better than that naked slippery aluminum body.


The Caudabē Veil XT for the iPhone 6 is one of the thinness, most minimal cases you can buy for your iPhone. I recommend it for anyone looking for a minimal protection solution that doesn't impede on Apple's original design aesthetic.

Ethics: Caudabē did not pay me or sent me this product. I bought this myself out of my own research and needs. I only review products that I think deserve to be featured.