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Classic Jen C.

What can I say about Jen... It was a couple strokes of luck that I got to get to know Jen so well in my life. The first stroke of luck was at my first job which was at Michael's the arts and crafts store. There I met Jen and we would have many heated debates in the frame shop.

The next stroke of luck was at Emily Carr. Just so happens we were both going to Emily Carr and were starting our 4 year program together. There we got to work on projects together and our debates from the frame shop carried over into the classroom. Late nights in the dark room, last minute projects and dilemmas over design problems. 

We have worked together, graduated together and now she's in Toronto and I am in Vancouver.



Designers are competitive by nature. Even though I don't like to admit it, I was always a bit competitive with Jen. Whether over a project or some life story, one of us had to top the other. And then win or lose, it was a competition on who can act cooler about it and act like we didn't care about it anyways.

But it was all in good fun and some of my best times at Emily Carr was working on projects together even though the result didn't always turn out the way either of us had planned.


Jen stopped by for a quick visit and I was glad we got to catch up. Some things never change.

Now I have to actually make plans to go to Toronto so Jen can show me around and make a cool blog post about me.

– V