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Inateck MP1503 Macbook Pro Laptop Sleeve

Inateck is a brand based in Leipzeg, Germany and they focus on various tech accessories for your computer and tablets. Their products are highly functional and are also very stylishly modern.

I have been using their felt laptop sleeve made for the Retina 15” MBP. It is a very low profile case as it is made from a very lightweight felt and uses a simple elastic band mechanism to keep everything secure in the sleeve.

When you lift the flap you gain access to the main compartment for your Macbook Pro. There is also a slit just in front of the main compartment that can fit a slim notebook or even an iPad. I find this small compartment super handy and adds a lot more value to having just a laptop sleeve.

The sleeve fits my 15” MBP retina perfectly. It hugs it just right and there is no wiggle room for my laptop to move around when it is in the sleeve. The interior of the sleeve is also lined with a soft suede like material that Inateck says is mold-proof, wear-resistant and won’t scratch your computer.

Flip the sleeve around and you have 2 more small pockets that can fit any loose items you may have like iPod earbuds or even your phone.

Aesthetically the felt works great for pairing with Apple’s aluminum laptops. The sleeve is very well put together with quality stitching done all around the seams and precision cuts to the felt so everything seems quality.

This is not a heavy duty sleeve and is not meant to be. The felt is great for keeping the weight down while also protecting your macbook from getting scratched or dinged during transport.

I recommend this sleeve to anyone looking for a lightweight, minimal solution to carrying their laptop around and the extra pockets are definitely a plus. There is also a small matching felt pouch included that you can fit your cables into. Very clever!


+ Minimal and functional
+ Slim
+ Extra pockets
+ Good value


- Beware not to cram too many things into the extra pockets as it can get thick and may even stretch.