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Incase Leather Wallet for iPhone 5

The Incase Leather Wallet is from what they call the Premium Leather line up of products for your iPhone 5, 5s and 5c. It costs $70 USD and is available on their website.

It is a hybrid case, meaning it merges your wallet essentials with your phone.

It has a very minimal design and is available in two colour options. Here I have the black outside and tan inside version. The other option is reversed. 


Stitching is sharp and clean all around. Very good job and attention to detail by Incase.


There is a soft suede interior lining to help protect your iPhone from scratches. There is a cool Incase logo pattern pressed into the suede. Normally I would think this is too much, but you don't really see too much of it so I actually don't mind this design choice.


There are 3 slits for you credit cards/ID and 2 interior pockets. One for your phone and the other can be used to store loose bills or business cards.


Incase has done a great job with keeping the case minimal and slim. Of course the case will get thicker as you load it up with your phone and cards. But for everything it holds, it still maintains a decent thickness.


This is my first foray into the hybrid phone/wallet case category and one of my biggest pet peeves is just the functionality of it. I used this case for 2 weeks and I found it a real hassle to actually use my phone.

Maybe I check my phone too often, but it becomes pretty comical the process you have to go through to reply a message or to quickly look up something. Take your case out, slide the phone out, check the phone, slide it back in... only to have a notification come in seconds later and you're repeating the whole process again.

The people who use this style of case must be very good at not constantly checking their phone.


Personal preferences aside... Incase has made a real premium product here. The leather is premium and I love how it softens up over time and moulds to your phone. Incase's execution in design and construction is top notch and I really wish I can make it my full time case...

But I just take my phone out of my pocket way too often.



+ Premium leather material and design
+ Relatively slim
+ Smells great


- Keeps you away from your phone